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3260 Parsons Road (99 St) P: 1.800.661.3843
Edmonton, Alberta780.463.4291
T6N 1B3780.461.3460
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Competitive Renumeration

City Spring Ltd. offers its employees a variety of attractive benefits:

  • Competitive wages
  • Health and dental benefit packages
  • Apprenticeship assistance
Fair Compensation

Many employees find themselves frustrated and discouraged by wage systems that don't account for effort and productivity. At City Spring Ltd., compensation is based on industry standards along with personal productivity, so that our employees can get the wages they deserve.

Please Note

Experience and qualifications are valuable, but at City Spring, we are willing to look beyond the paperwork, at the individual merits of applicants. We are always interested in people that are self-motivated, self-assured, and reliable.

We appreciate it if you can apply in person. However, if you wish, you may also: