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Commercial Vehicle Inspection & Repair

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Your source for commercial vehicle inspection and repair... . . . . . . 

Ensure the safety of your vehicle or fleet by having your commercial vehicle inspections performed by City Spring. Our professional team of mechanics, coupled with the state-of-the-art V.I.S. system, ensures that you're fleet will receive an accurate and early diagnosis of problems, in a short amount of time. Genisys System

Genisys System Now City Spring also has OTC's Genisys System, which allows us to talk to vehicles in a way that we couldn't before. The genisys can communicate with onboard memory on vehicles and perform quick and accurate diagnostics of ABS brakes and airbag systems in a variety of vehicles.

If you need repairs, our staff is prepared to provide them for you with care and integrity. Our 22 service bays and large facilities allow us to service vehicles of any type.

Genisys System
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