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3260 Parsons Road (99 St) P: 1.800.661.3843
Edmonton, Alberta 780.463.4291
CanadaF: 1.888.219.0454
T6N 1B3 780.461.3460
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Open: Monday - Friday (8am to 5pm)
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  • Commerical Inspection
  • Spring and Suspension
  • Overload Systems
  • Trailer Axles
  • Lighting


Now introducing: Custom torsion axles from City Spring and Axle Ltd.

What makes our torsion axles unique and cost-effective?
Torsion Axles here...

Coil Springs


Compression Springs
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Extension Springs
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Torsion Springs
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Leaf Springs and Components


Leaf Springs
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U Bolts
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Trailer Axles and Components


Spring Axles
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Torsion Axle
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Welcome to City Spring and Axle Ltd
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

With over 50 years in the suspension industry, City Spring and Axle is one of the most experienced specialists in Edmonton.

We specialize in spring manufacturing, installation and welding. Come to us for wheel alignments, frame straightening and wheel balancing. We provide specialty springs for various industries, like leaf, coil, torsion and extension.

Brands you can trust

City Spring and Axle Ltd. is a provider of Hellwig, Timbren, Air Lift. For more information, visit our Springs and Suspension page.

City Spring and Axle Ltd. commenced its family owned business in 1956, serving Edmonton and Western Canada. Our Service Department currently has 22 service bays accommodating any size and type of vehicle for repair or inspection without unhooking. The service facilities and equipment have been improved and updated as the business has developed.

City Spring and Axle Ltd continues to expand product lines to provide its customers with a full range of automotive products. Our modern Parts Department is able to supply your many needs with our direct access to major manufacturers. Our own warehousing allows us to carry a large stock at all times for immediate delivery to you.