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Wheel alignment and balancing

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Well equiped to ensure the proper alignment and balancing of your vehicle or fleet...

City Spring is well-equipped to ensure the proper alignment and balancing of your vehicle or fleet. We have in place two Bee Line Mechanical Alignment Racks, which allow us to handle anything from small vehicles to large tractors. In addition, our Bee Line Laser Aligner allows us to perform alignments on trailers, or anything with a longer span.


New Tools

Two new tools have recently been acquired to improve our alignment and balancing capabilities. The Accu-Turn aligner, and a dynamic wheel balancer.

The Accu-Turn aligner performs computerized alignment using a 4-wheel laser technique. The use of computers in the alignment process speeds up the work, while also providing far more accurate and effective results. In addition, this new system allows us to work with rims in sizes of up to 28 inches.

Our new dynamic wheel balancer is a system that allows a wheel balancing to be performed on a vehicle without having to remove the wheels. This design leads to a superior balance, because it lets our technicians to take into consideration everything in the wheel system, such as the drum, hub, etc. This method of wheel balancing eliminates all
vibrations in the vehicle.

Accu-Turn Aligner

Most important in the alignment process, though, is our team of mechanics with years of experience in vehicle alignments, who can work to achieve the best alignment possible for your vehicles.

If you would like an alignment on your vehicle or fleet, contact us today.